Find a Need and Fill it, Find a Hurt and Heal it.

The Short Creek Dream Center exists to serve the twin towns of Hildale and Colorado City as they continue to grow, heal, and transform. From transitional housing, recovery, community outreach and helping combat the effects of poverty the Dream Center exists to help find and fill the needs of the Short Creek Community and beyond. Our heart is to be supportive to anyone who is on a healing journey. We are also passionate about being a place of refuge for anyone leaving or escaping environments that would be considered abusive or oppressive. 

One of our dreams is to see Short Creek become a beacon of hope and healing internationally. While many people that were in bondage are living their lives victoriously and freely, there are still a multitude of fundamentalist groups in the USA and other countries where people are still in need of help. 

The Short Creek Dream Center is also a part of the largest network of organizations that help victims of human trafficking. Trafficking comes in many different forms and we want to see anyone suffering from exploitation be set free and have a place to go for support.

You Can Make a Difference.


The Short Creek Dream Center has a residential support center that can house up to 40 people in recovery.


We are serious about community engagement through regularly scheduled events and projects.


Our education efforts are open to the public and are offered to men, women, and children in Short Creek.

Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations

We are the first Dream Center to accept cryptocurrency as a form of donation. We accept both ‘traditional’ coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, meme coins like Doge, and reflection tokens like Safemoon. To learn more and see a list of our wallet addresses click below.

Check Out Our Amazon Wishlist

Running a 44-bedroom recovery center comes with a lot of expenses and things like toiletries, kitchen supplies, therapy items, etc. add up. Help us out by purchasing something we need directly off our Amazon Wishlist!

Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.

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